July 18, 2017
eco-friendly refrigeration SmartAir Solutions

Save money and protect the environment with eco-friendly refrigeration!

The reality of climate change and its effect on the planet are well documented. Businesses, and their customers, are increasingly aware of the importance of tackling climate change and are looking to ensure they operate in an environmentally-sound way. Government regulations are also placing requirements on more energy efficient and […]
July 5, 2017
Wimbledon blog SmartAir Solutions

Why office workers can have an advantage over Andy Murray

Wimbledon hits our screens once again this week. Tennis is one of those sports where maintaining optimum mental concentration throughout the match is important for making the right decisions to win. But as each match progresses it gets harder because the competitors’ brains are fighting with the rest of their […]
June 15, 2017
Smart Air Refrigeration

How to put refrigeration Health & Safety risks on ice

Health & Safety law and regulations have evolved over the years to protect everyone in the workplace and have been brought about as a result of actual incidents in which people have been harmed. So, apart from the threat of prosecution if you get it wrong, there’s also a risk […]
May 31, 2017
Air conditioning Aberdeen

How to avoid going from Balmy to Baking when the sun starts to shine

The numbers on the TV weather charts suddenly go from yellow to orange and Summer appears, as if by magic, on the horizon of the year. Along with that subtle increase in air temperature which signals Summer is actually here at last and brings out T-shirts, shorts, sunglasses and lawnmowers. […]