August 17, 2018
no refrigerators, no supermarkets

No Refrigerators, No Supermarkets

Did you know? Without refrigerators, there would be no supermarkets in the UK? Refrigerators are the main reason for supermarkets in the UK being part of our every-day life. There are around 10,000 stores nationwide and refrigeration has made this possible.   How? Without refrigerated trucks, supermarkets would struggle get supplies […]
August 7, 2018
How to avoid heat stress in the workplace

How to avoid heat stress in the workplace

How to avoid heat stress in the workplace For many businesses, heat stress is an issue all year round and not just in the summer.  SmartAir Solutions works with many businesses that are continuously keeping an eye on temperatures to avoid heat stress, but for those who only experience it […]
July 6, 2018
Funding for businesses

Energy Efficiency Funding for Businesses

Many companies love the prospect of going green; helping the planet and saving money at the same time.  It can, however, be difficult for businesses to find the money needed to invest in systems that will help them become more energy efficient. The Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund can help […]
May 22, 2018
s your air conditioning ready for summer?

Is your air conditioning ready for summer?

Summer is on its way, but how do you avoid ‘sticky’ days in the office with overheated rooms and baking colleagues itching to get the day over so they can get outside and cool down?  Poor air conditioning is usually the culprit for this, so getting this right could be […]